Saturday, March 18, 2017

1 year old

I feel terrible because I'm not an avid Blogger like I was with Emma. I just feel like don't have that much time as a mom of two. Anyway jumping right in Jack just turned one!! We had a Cookie Monster party and it turned out great. Lots of family and friends came. He got lots of toys and loved his cake! 

Milestones for jack....
Now crawling with no trouble! He's into everything!
Eats almost anything we put in front of him. 
Can say momma dada baba and trying to say ball
Goes from laying down to sitting easily now
Working hard at trying to pull up on things but just hasn't gotten the strength quite yet
Wears 18 month clothing and size 5 diapers. 
Usually wakes up 1-2 times a night
Has 7 teeth

Jack is our sweet snuggle bunny. He is just the sweetest kid ever. He is always smiling and his smiles are contagious. He hasn't met anyone he doesn't like and everyone loves him. He's pretty chill and does very well playing on his own. Unlike his sister lol. She has to be center of attention and always have someone playing with her. They play well together for the most part. She doesn't like sharing her stuff with him though. Even his stuff is hers. Over time I'm sure the roles will reverse though. 
As far as health goes jack still has reflux pretty bad. We started him on nexium and it's working much better but we are still struggling. Poor kid, I feel so bad for him. I know how terrible reflux is. I can only hope with age it gets more manageable. He is constantly getting strep though. Both kinds too. Peri anal and throat. We are going to talk to the ent about it in June. I'm sure his tonsils will be taken out before he's two. Other than teething he's pretty happy most the time. 
I love you little jack. I hope you can forgive me for not having such in depth posts for you. I really do love you so much. It's just so hard to keep up on blogging when I'm a full time mom and daddy is only home on the weekends. I do try my hardest though and I hope one day you read this and appreciate it. 

You love your binkie!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Finally little man is crawling! He sure did take his time but that's ok. He is starting to love his new found freedom. I'm gunna have to get those baby gates out again. 
He had his sleep study done almost 2 weeks ago and he does have apnea. So we saw a ent and he needs his adenoids shaved down and these little flaps in his thought snipped to help him sleep better without the weird high pitched sounds he makes. We go back in June to have a checkup. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

9 month old baby jack

Baby jack Is growing like a weed. Time is flying by and I can barely keep up. Just 3 months and he will be 1. 
Jack is mainly in 12 month clothing but can fit in a few 9 month things. At his 9 month appointment he was 20 lbs 5 oz. we didn't do height and head because they did it at 8 months. He is in the 50th percentile for basically everything. I went in with a few questions. One was his reflux. We increased his dose to 45mg a day vs 30. He has been up at night for weeks now. Usually 4-6 times I have to go in his room. I'm hoping to see a difference soon. The other question was about sleep Apnia. I think he might have it. He often stops breathing at night and it startles him to wake up. He also makes a very loud sort of high pitches snore. Very weird. His dr referred him to a sleep specialist. I'll be making that appointment tomorrow. Everything else was great. 
As far as milestones. He is so close to crawling. Just not quite there yet. He rolls from back to belly all day. He loves floor time. I have to be so careful though with Emma. She is a little rough with him. He's tough though. He takes it like a champ. Won't be long before he's charging her and beating her up. Hopefully Emma takes it as well as he does lol. Jack is always moving. When he sleeps he moves. When he starts crawling and walking I'm gunna be in big trouble. That's why I'm ok with Him not being an early mover. He is babbling a lot. I have heard a few mommas but mostly dada and baba and Gaga. Main thing is he's putting the letters together. His sister didn't really do this until much later but she was crawling at like 7 1/2 months. They are complete opposites. Although over time jack has taken up Emma's short temper. He gets very agitated very quickly. Separation anxiety is big right now. I step out of site for 1 sec and he screams like he's being stabbed. He's a mommas boy for sure. I love it though. He's my little man
Sleeping sucks, he's up every 3 hours usually. I just don't have good sleepers. I have grown to accept this. I'm extremely sleep deprived though. He has slept through the night twice now. I imagine it was just a fluke though. I hope it happens on a regular basis soon. 
Jack seems to always be sick. We are getting over strep right now. Yep babies can get strep but it's just not strep throat. He has anal strep. Emma was up puking a night last weekend and it ended up being strep throat. Dr said it would be rare for jack to get it but he decided to test him anyway since he had a rash on his butt. Sure enough he had strep. 10 days of antibiotics for the both of them. I ended up catching it too. I hate it. Anyway back to jack. He always has something going on with his health. I hope he starts catching a break soon. I know with Emma in school she brings home lots of germs and that could be why he's always got something. 
Jack has cut a total of 6 teeth! He doesn't do well with teeth. It really bothers him. Ibuprofen seems to constipate him but it's usually the only thing that helps. I just want all these teeth to come in already so my baby can get back to being happy all the time. 
There isn't much else going on. Christmas is next weekend so I'll try to post again then. 
Florida trip!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

6 months old!

26 inch long 18.4 lbs and 17 inch for head size. Our little happy boy is growing up! His 6 month appointment went great. He's right on track. Jack can sit up on his own for short periods of time. He has rolled over from back to belly 1 time. We need to work on that a bit. I imagine he will progress just fine though. His favorite thing to do is jump in his jumparoo. He gets goin on there and I wonder if he will jump out lol. He also enjoys floor time with me and sissy. 
Jack is currently in size 4 diapers and 9 month clothing. He can sometimes squeeze in a 6-9. But I imagine by end of October he will be in 12 month clothing. 
I'm still nursing Jack. He eats whenever he wants really. I don't count the hours usually. Just whenever he seems hungry I feed him. We started solids! He gets 1 jar of food a day. Last night he ate a 4oz jar of sweet potatoes with some oatmeal mixed in. Before that he was doing a 2.5 oz jar. So far we have tried peas sweet potatoes squash prunes and pears. I'm trying to stay with veggies but I throw the pears and prunes in because he gets constipated from his reflux meds. 
Speaking of reflux. He is doing much better. He still takes Prevacid daily 15mg solutabs. Last night we removed the tuker sling from his crib and he did great. He stirred a few times but overall it was much better than the first time we tried to take it away. 2 nights ago he slept 10 1/2 hours straight for the first time. He is usually up twice to eat at night. I'm going to try some sleep training I think because I know he can do it. 
We are going to Florida in October. We are so excited. Emma won't stop talking about it. I imagine she will be very upset when we come home. 
Here are some pics for you. 
My fav! Lol

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

5 month old Jack and 3 year old Emma

My babies are growing up 😔. I find it hard to believe that she is three and Jack is 5 months. Where has the time gone?

I'll start with my sweet Emma. At her 3 year appointment she was 33 lbs and 38inches tall. Perfect in every way. No health issues. Healthy as can be and that is all I want! 
She is a thriving 3 year old. Full of energy I tell ya. She starts preschool in a few weeks! Twice a week for 3 hours. That will be so good for her because she is so active. She loves to play with other kids. She is doing gymnastics once a week. She really enjoys it. It teaches a lot of things like patience and rules and self discipline. Really good for stubborn children like her. Her favorite things to do are swimming, playing outside, dressing up like a princess and going to grants farm to feed the goats and other animals. I just love this little girl to pieces. She's so funny and can be the sweetest little thing around when she wants to be. She cuddled up next to me today and said "mommy I love you" for the first time. I always have to tell her I love her first but today she just said it on her own. She's is quite a master negotiator. She knows what she wants when she wants it and who to manipulate to get it. I love her strong determined personality. 

Jack was weighed in at 5 months because we had to go in for thrush. We both have it. No fun but I'm hoping the meds start working soon. Anyway, he was 17 lbs and 4 oz!!! He's headed to football practice next week lol! He eats like a champ. He's had solids a few times. The tongue thrust he has is still really strong so I have to keep revisiting it. He's doing well with it though. I imagine in a few weeks for sure he will be chowing down. Lots of drool these days. Teeth are for sure in our near future. He is taking 3 naps a day 2 small 30 min naps and 1, 2-3 hour nap. I try to get the long nap in at the same time Emma goes down but it rarely happens. Jumping in his jumperoo thing is his favorite thing to do other than eat lol. He's so sweet. He giggles and smiles like crazy. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A black cloud!

When I say black cloud I really mean it. I have had a string of bad luck this past 6 days. 
On Thursday our garage door broke and we were told we needed a new door. Awesome, just what I wanted to spend 2k on. Then he tells me that it will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to get it. So I have to open and close it manually. Fast forward to today... I was going to my chiropractor appointment and when I went to close it the damn string that you pull broke. Now I have to pull the actual door down. 
Yesterday Jack had his 4 month appointment. He weighed in at 16lbs 24 1/2 inch long and his head was 16 (I think). He was given 4 shots and 1 liquid. Within 2 hours he was screaming bloody murder and his belly was very extended. I gave him Tylenol, that didn't help. At 9 pm I called the after hours line and they said to bring him in to the pediatric unit. I was about to leave when he had a blow out. Then another. Then another. His belly went down and he stopped crying. He nursed a bit and then passed out so I decided not to take him in. I wasn't going to wake him up so that Drs could torture him.  He ended up sleeping until 6:30. Crazy! He's doing much better today. A little fever but over all soooo much better. At his 6 month appointment I'm not going to let them do 4 shots at one time again. I will come in once a week for 4 weeks if I have to. I'm not putting him through that again. Poor kid. 
Ok so backing up again to last night. Our AC ended up going out. It was hot as hell last night in my house. I don't know how any of us slept through that. I talked with the hvac people today and they said our coil is frozen and it has to thaw before they can do anything. So they are coming in the morning. I just hope that we don't need a new unit. I know we do though. We are staying at my moms  tonight and going back over in the morning. Sooo that's my cloud! I just pray the skies start to clear. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4 months

I took Jack in for a weight check to see if we need to increase his meds. He weighed in at 15 lbs 3 oz (75th percentile) that was at 3 1/2 months.  He is now on 15mg of Prevacid vs 7.5mg. The dr also suggested adding cereal to his diet to help keep things down. I tried the cereal, he hated it. On a spoon he just couldn't do it. He would gag and spit it out. I will revisit this at 5 months I think. After the increase in meds he's doing better but now we have a new issue. He is constipated. He went 5 days without pooping and then.... Let's just say there was no saving the outfit he had on. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses ya know lol. I think I will start him on miralax. That's what I had to do with Emma because of the same issue. For some reason Prevacid just constipates babies. 
Jack is a relatively a very happy baby. He hardly ever complains. Really the only time he cries is when he's hungry. He loves his new jumparoo play thing. It's a whole new type of playing for him. He isn't fond of tummy time and doesn't do well with it. His favorite thing to do is interact with us. Emma really gets him happy. It's so cute. We sing songs with him and he just smiles and coos. He started laughing a little over the past few days. Apparently peep a boo is hilarious. 
Our big boy is in 6 month clothing and size 3 diapers! He's going to be a linebacker I think, lol. He eats on demand most the time but we are on somewhat of a schedule. He eats plays sleeps. That's how it goes most days unless we are out and about. He goes to bed around 8pm, he eats at 3am then wakes at 6 and I just bring him in bed with us. At 8 I give him his meds and then he eats 30 min later. He typically naps around 10:30, 2 and 5. Then at 8 he's down for the night unless he throws a fit. Some nights I have to go in his room multiple times to give him his binkie. Other nights he doesn't make a peep. Overall he's a good sleeper though. 
That about sums up everything about Jack!
We had a great 4th of July. Jack didn't flinch one bit with the fireworks. Emma loved them! She is my wild child. She could barely sit still to watch them. But she had fun none the less. 
Emma will be 3 next month! Oh my goodness, I definitely have a threenager. This little angle never stops. From the time she wakes till the second her head hits the pillow she is go go go. She's doing gymnastics once a week and that's the only activity we have her in right now. She's been talking a lot about ballet though.  We will for sure have to keep her very busy. If we don't I fear that she will end up acting out and getting in trouble. I suspect she has adhd but I don't think that can be diagnosed at this point in time. I'll be asking the dr at her appointment though. Poor kid has so much energy she doesn't know what to do with herself. She's so happy though. She just loves life. 
That's all for now. Talk with ya next month!
Pappy and Jack